What to Expect With Retirement Path Financial


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Retirement Path's personalized and comprehensive process is designed entirely to address your goals. Our system allows for your advisor to use their years of experience together with your personal experiences to ensure an honest and productive relationship. 


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Step 1  Introductory Meeting -

At the start of our process with you, we prioritize getting to know you as an individual and learning about your previous experience with the investing process. Our main goal in this first meeting is to evaluate your current financial state and identify your future goals to establish if working together will be advantagous for you.

Step 2  Create A Financial Plan -

Following our inital meeting, your advisor will take all of the information you provided to create Written Income Plan that is designed to help you reach your longterm goals. This writen summary, in addition to your personal information,  will include a variety of suitable investment recommendations the advising team has developed. 

Step 3  Presentation of Plan -

In your second meeting with your advisor, they will explain your customized Written Income Plan so you can understand your advisors recommendations in relation to your financial information and goals. Ultimately, this plan allows you to get a full picture of your most promising options by presenting it in a very understandable format.

Your plan will include reports such as...

Net Worth Statement 

In depth summary of your accounts.

Asset Allocation review 

Detailed view of how all your investments combined form your entire asset allocation.

Cash Flow Analysis 

Shows you a year by year projection of your anticipated income, expenses and investments. We find this to be a crucial aspect in determining what investment strategy will be recommend for your assets to last your entire retirement and beyond.

Monte Carlo Simulation 

This report analyzes the risk of the plan and probability of its success.


Summarizes everything in the plan, and gives recommended actions and strategies to work towards your goals.

Step 4  Implementation -

If you and your advisor have determined they will be a good fit for you, the presented plan will be put into action and an active portfolio will be created. The implementation process is when the advisor and yourself truly begin your relationship together, which also means you are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Step 5  Monitoring and Reviewing - 

As the market changes those initial decisions will continue to be monitored, and altered if neccesary, to ensure that you feel well assured you've made the right choices. This ongoing process will include investment allocation adjustments, performance reports, benchmarks to your goals, and discussing any changes to your financial needs or goals.