Investment Process

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The investment strategy we build is simple but powerful: 

Our philosophy is to win by not losing. The portfolios developed are managed on spreads between up-captures and down-captures. That is, we aim to capture a greater proportion of the market's up movements, while minimizing capture of down movements. The core of our investment strategies is based on the idea that avoiding a market precipice is essential to success, because the less the investor loses during downturns the less they have to make up when the market rebounds.

The promotion of growth in our portfolios is always important, and managing against full participation in downward moves serves this objective. 


We firmly believe that one of the keys to the implementation of a successful strategy is a well-defined process. The process is comprised of three steps:

  1. Manager Selection.

Our firm utilizes Returns-Based-Style-Analysis to screen over 20,000 investment options including mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, and hedge funds. From those, we are able to select which will be good fits for your particular portfolio.

  2. Asset Class and Manager Optimization.

The portfolios are built based on two essential components. The strategies begin with “Efficient Frontier” theories and are overlaid with a tactical component from our investment committee. According to the theory, whenever an investor has a collection of diversified, uncorrelated assets, an “Efficient Frontier” can be built. This model attempts to pair various asset classes together to optimize risk and reward potential. We provide further enhancement to the traditional “Efficient Frontier” theory by utilizing the Black-Litterman modeling system, which gives our investment committee the ability to provide a tactical component to our strategies that allows us to focus and manage based on current economic conditions.

  3. Ongoing Review and Monitoring.

With actively managed portfolios, the ongoing review and monitoring is critical to keep investors informed and investment strategies updated to address today's ever-changing market conditions. Our firm conducts daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates to constantly ensure our investment strategies stay on track. 


All Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.


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